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    Won't send to Roku/Slingplayer Channel


      Slingplayer team - this discussion and your answer will control whether or not I buy/upgrade to a new Slingbox.


      I'm hoping to buy a Slingbox 350 or 500 in order to cut the cord and get my television through a box at my New York home. I was encouraged when I found out I could use Roku to view Slingbox on my new TV.


      However, after reading the countless negative reviews on Slingbox forums, Roku forums and Google Play, I decided to test out the feature/app myself using my brother's Slingbox 350.


      Much to my dismay, I encountered the same problem that many others are having - a problem yet to be addressed by Sling Media or Roku. With the Slingplayer channel up on Roku, I clicked the "Send to Device" button and chose Roku (I only have one Roku). However, like many other frustrated customers, I was left with the spinning dial on my phone with a phrase similar to "Sending to Roku..."


      Since others have stated this is a "hit or miss" process, I tried several times to get this to work. It failed every time.


      What can be done to ensure this channel/app will work?


      Please don't respond with your prepared answers regarding "resetting Roku" or "reinstalling the Slingplayer app or channel." That has already been done. And yes, my Roku and phone are accepted devices and my app is updated. And yes, both my Roku and my phone are on the same WiFi network. And yes, the speed of my network is more than sufficient to make this work.


      Again, I would ask the Sling Media team for a prompt response. At this point, I am not confident enough to invest in your product without the success of this Roku connection. I am not willing to simply connect my laptop to my TV because I work from my laptop and will need it while I watch TV.


      Thank you.

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          I echo your comments pmsantom. I've only been able to make it work a couple of times and it is extremely frustrating that there seems to be no pattern or response from the devs as to what we should be trying to do to increase our success rate. I also have an Apple TV that has been operating in a similar way. I would appreciate some kind of  guide from Sling letting us know what to do regarding wifi signal, slingplayer settings like auto vs good quality, etc.


          It seems that there is a very willing, dynamic community of users out here who would appreciate at least being treated as stakeholders. I for one would love to do what I can to help in any way. I understand the risks of being a early adopter, I'm not going to trash Sling, but keeping us in the dark will only cause more distrust and frustration.

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            stanley.sling Apprentice

            Hey pmsantom,


                 I understand you are not able to view your Slingbox on your Roku. One thing I would recommend trying as a troubleshooting step would be to disconnect and reconnect both the Roku and your phone from the wifi network.


            Get back in touch with us if this does not resolve the issue.




            Sling Media Forum Moderation Team

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                As I stated in my original post, I have already tried disconnecting and reconnecting Roku, the Slingbox at its New York location, etc. Anything to do with disconnecting and reconnecting, whether it be through plug or through WiFi, has already been attempted.


                Please advise what steps to take to fix this. This is clearly not an isolated issue. Through posts in this forum and posts around the Internet, this is an issue most Roku users are experiencing. I will not invest in your product until a permanent solution is found.