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    Phone not detecting Roku Channel/App


      I have two Roku XS devices and a Slingbox Solo; the Slingplayer channel has been installed to both Roku devices.  I can get my Motorola Droid 4 onto the wireless and can stream video from my Slingbox.  When I use the icon next to the volume control to push to a different device, I can see the two Roku devices, but the both have warning icons next to them. When I try to select them, I get an error: 


      Download SlingPlayer for Roku


      The SlingPlayer app for Roku must be downloaded before you can continue.  Please download the app and retry.


      Retry | Cancel


      Even if I load the channel first, I get the same error. 


      What am I doing wrong? 



      Screenshot_2014-02-16-23-01-21.png Screenshot_2014-02-16-23-06-28.png

      IMG_20140216_231523_1 (1280x718).jpg