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    Web Sling Player Plugin ver.


      Please FIX this Web Player plug in for Safari and Chrome. My dishanywhere.com is useless right now. There is a bug in this plugin , and you have to fix it and fast. I am not the only one who have the same problem. Everything worked fine before the new plugin. Now dishanywhere .com is completely useless . I have tried everything ( installing and uninstalling plug in, disabling firewall , rebooting and restarting my DVR and router )
      - same result - dishanywhere.com STOPS after 1-5 min. My broadband speed is always above 8200 Kbps.
      So it is Web Plugin Sling Player ver. or my Sling Adapter in the Hooper from DISH.
      I will bet it is problem with Sling Player plugin - and I am not the only ONE !!!