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    "Shades of blue" screen


      I just purchased a Slingbox 350 and am trying it out. (Therefore, I am  newbie.) I am trying to 'sling' my DirecTV signal from my main set in the

      sunroom to the kitchen TV 50 feet or so away. I have the Slingbox set up with the composite cable output of my HR24-200 box going into the composite cable input of my Slingbox. My HR24 is connected to my sunroom set by HDMI. I am using a Netgear AV500 Powerline adapter to connect the Slingbox to my network/internet. In the kitchen I have a WD TV Live with the latest firmware which has SlingPlayer installed. The WD TV Live is connected wirelessly through a Netgear WNDR3700 router upstairs.


      Everything seemed to work fine for a few minutes until my sunroom TV suddenly went to mostly blue in color and the sound was gone. I had the kitchen TV on and tuned to DirecTV through the WD TV. The sunroom TV was also connected to DirecTV through the HDMI cable. I know you are only supposed to have one device connected to DirecTV, so I went to the kitchen and selected the homepage for my WD TV. This didn't make any difference, so I unplugged the WD TV. Still "shades of blue". Then I unplugged the Slingbox. Still "shades of blue". I then turned my DirecTV HR24 and sunroom TV off and waited for 30 seconds or so and turned them back on. Still "shades of blue". I then disconnected everything from the net (including unplugging my powerline adapter) and shut down all 3 of our computers, the WD TV, and the Slingbox was still off. I waited 30 seconds and turned on the router. I waited until the router was stabilized and turned on my desktop computer. Then I turned on my DirecTV and sunroom TV. Still "shades of blue".


      At this point in time I thought our sunroom TV had gone out so I disconnected the kitchen TV and brought it to the sunroom. I connected it through the HDMI cable by unplugging the sunroom TV and running it to the kitchen TV. It was normal in color. But, I don't believe in coincidences. I reconnected my sunroom TV back to the HR24, however, by mistake I connected it to a different input on the TV. Everything was fine!!! I thought perhaps the first inout jack had gone, so I connected it back to the original jack....and it worked fine!!! I have since reconnected everything back, but without selecting my Slingbox app on the WD TV. It was powered on but not connected to anything app-wise. Still, everything was fine!!


      So,now everything is connected up except I still haven't tried to switch the WD TV Live to the SlingPlayer app and the sunroom TV works fine. Can anyone explain what happened? I couldn't find any answers in the FAQ, but I don't know how many set up their Slingbox with my input/output setup. Did it just go out because of too many devices? If so, how can I reconnect without the hassle I went through? I am going to retry the WD TV Live sometime and see what happens but I only will use one at a time.


      Thanks for your thoughts/inputs,
      Bob Sanders