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    AV Receiver and slingbox?


      Ihave read reviews where a AV receiver and a slingbox are do not work well.  Any one have any info on this.  Looking to buy a slingbox 500.  Saw it at the CES and have a friend who loves his however the reviews about using a surround sound receive does not seem favorable.  Thanks

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          kewld Newbie

          I can't agree more about what your friend said. I too love my Slingbox. Coming back to your question. I have a Yamaha AV receiver in the mix and haven't run into any issues so far. I setup my devices in the following sequence: STB -> Slingbox -> AV -> TV

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            leanne.sling Newbie

            Hi BRANTDC1,


            Thank you for posting to the forums! If you are using an AV receiver along with the Slingbox you should not have any issues hooking up the Slingbox and receiving the audio and video from your cable box when watching the Slingbox. The only thing that would be affected is the pass through of the video from the Slingbox to the TV.


            Here is how you would need to hook up the Slingbox if you are using it as a pass through:

            • Component cables from the Slingbox in to the cable box out.
            • The Slingbox audio out to the receiver audio input.
            • Then the video cables out of the Slingbox to the TV input.


            Hope this helps!


            Kind regards,

            The Sling Moderation Team - Leanne