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    Not getting all channels via Slingbox PRO-HD


      I am running my cable signal through a VCR then into the Slingbox PRO-HD and then into a Samsung HD TV.  Since I don't have a cable box in line, the channels are in the carrier digital format, such as 66.7 or 64.5.  I get all the channels via the QAM tuner on the TV, however I am losing some of the channels on the Slingbox.  I get the 63.xxx and 64.xxx and 65.xxx and 66.xxx on BOTH the TV and the Slingbox.  I have issues with channel ranges 59.xxx and 60.xxx and 61.xxx and 62.xxx which do NOT come in on the Slingbox however all of them are available on the Samsung TV via the QAM tuner.  This means I am missing TBS on 61.22 and TNT on 61.27 and CNBC on 62.49 which are channels I often watch.


      Since the output from the VCR is running into the Slingbox and then directly into the TV, why would these channels be available on the TV but not the Slingbox?  Is there a firmward upgrade that solves this (Slingbox currently reports that it has the latest firmware)?  Does the Slingbox have an older QAM tuner that is less capable?  Would a newer Slingbox 350 or Slingbox 500 solve this problem?