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    Why is there no Auto reconnect to slingbox when connection is lost.

    elind Newbie

      I have a 500 but am having frequent disconnects when viewing remotely. This applies whether using Roku or PC. I actually suspect the problem may be at the slingbox source (not the slinbox) where I have occasional flickers on normal TV and am planning to replace cables soon.


      However what I find is that when the stream freezes it takes some time for the sling software to say a connection has been lost, but if I immediately manually disconnect and reconnect after a freeze the stream comes back immediately, meaning that interruption was very brief but the slingbox stopped streaming anyway.


      So my question is, why can't the sling media software, or the slingbox, do automatically what I can do manually? In other words, try to reconnect automatically at least for a few seconds.