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    video flickering


      On one of my computers, Latitude e6230 I'm getting video flickering.  It is almost like the brightness is set to two different levels and toggled between the two.  If the "level" was set on one or the other it wouldn't bother me.  But the going back and forth is annoying.  It is intermittent.  It will flash for 2 minutes than not for 2 minutes.  It happens on both chrome (newest)  and explorer (10).  It doesnt' happen on my other computers.  So I believe it has something to do with a setting on that specific laptop.  Any suggestions?  boyerm2@yahoo.com  I have direct x v11....

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          OvCollyer Apprentice

          Do you have Intel integrated graphics?


          If so, go into the graphics control panel/properties and look for something called 'Adaptive Contrast Adjustment'.


          Try turning this off and see if that gets rid of the flicker.


          If you dont have Intel graphics, maybe there is a similar option for your graphics card that you could try.