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    Keyboard shortcuts not working in Firefox


      New user, just starting with the Firefox plugin.  I can watch content from my STB and control via the mouse, but the keyboard has no effect.  The Alt-R shortcut, which is supposed to show the remote, does nothing.  Also, none of the keyboard shortcuts for the remote itself (arrows, number keys, etc.) have any effect.


      Is it a known issue that the keyboard doesn't work with Firefox, or is this something to do with my setup?

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          stanley.sling Apprentice

          Hello ST_Nathan,


          I understand that the keyboard shortcuts are not working for you on your computer in Mozilla Firefox. Do be aware that when you are trying to use the keyboard shortcuts, you have to be viewing video in fullscreen mode as the keyboard shortcuts do not function in the normal viewing interface.


          Please try using the keyboard shortcuts in fullscreen and let us know if it still doesn't work.




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              Yes, looks like that's it.  But why?  It's much easier to, for example, navigate PVR menus using the arrow keys than clicking around on the little on-screen remote control.  Why not allow keyboard input in windowed mode as well (when the window is in focus, obviously)?  Even for regular play/pause/etc. commands, it's faster and easier to just click or alt-tab to the window and hit 'U' than to click right on the pause key on the remote.  (But again, the menus are where I really miss it.)