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    slingbox rebooting at worst possible times


      slingbox 500

      running firmware 1.7.162

      hardware 1.2.0

      UI apps version 1.5.15


      about 6-8 months ago I had the constant problem of the box rebooting during prime time tv watching between 7-11pm.

      somewhere along that time a firmware fixed the issue to wear the box resets when the tv isnt likely watched...


      but in the last 2 days the resetting has come back... and more frequent.

      today it reset twice from 8pm-11pm and yesterday twice from 9pm-11pm...


      has anyone else seen this issue at all... my box works otherwise perfectly, i have done a hard reset, i have no networking issues at all..


      sling please fix this issue ASAP.. its very annoying