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    Set-top box only has SCART and HDMI output


      Hi Slingbox Forum,


      I have recently been to US where I will be moving to in an couple of months as well. When I were there I bought a Slingbox 500 in order to set it up in my home country(Denmark), allowing us to watch our satelite TV in US when we are staying there for a couple of years.


      When I came home from my visit to US I realized that a component is needed on the set-top box, but I do not have that. I only have SCART and HDMI output. Are there anyone here who have faced similar problems, and have a solution so that you can watch channels with HDCP as well.


      My sat-provider is Canal Digital.


      This is my set-top box seen from the back:

      Set-top box.jpg


      Best regards