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    Keyboard shortcut for Mac for Hide/Show remote control


      I'm looking for the web viewer plugin for Mac keyboard shortcut which will show or hide the remote control when viewing in full screen mode.


      I saw in the documentation that "Alt-R" is supposed to do this, but this is obviously a reference to the Windows plugin, not Mac. I have tried Cmd-R, Opt-R, Ctrl-R, fn-R and all combinations without luck.


      Is there in fact a shortcut for the Mac for this useful function?


      The only way I have found to do this has been to exit full screen mode, click the show/hide icon, then re-enter full-screen.

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          ferguspa Apprentice

          For Watch on Slingbox.com on OS X:


          1) If the remote isn't visible when entering full screen, the only way I've found to cause the remote to appear is to exit full screen and click the "show/hide remote" button.

          2) If the remote is visible when entering full screen, the remote places itself on the left side of the screen but should disappear after a few seconds if the pointer is not over the remote.  Any time the pointer is moved (e.g. mouse is moved, trackpad is touched), the remote reappears on the left hand side of the screen.


          #1 is annoying, which causes me to almost always make sure the remote is visible before entering full screen so I get behavior #2.  You might be able to use the keyboard shortcuts for the remote buttons themselves (e.g. 0-9, whatever Sling decided should map to channel up/down, etc) without the remote visible, but IIRC that doesn't work if the remote isn't visible in the first place.


          But I'd be interested if there's a key command that can show the remote in Watch on Slingbox.com on OS X.