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    Cannot get SB Solo to connect


      I am having trouble connecting to my SlingBox Solo.

      Unit was working fine in late December and problem started in mid-January.  No change to the router or security software.


      I have tried unplugging both SlingBox and router but no help.  Also tried pressing the reset button on the back for 30 seconds to do a factory reset and then set up again but also did not work.  Whether unplugging or pressing the reset, the two lights on the front are on, but nothing flashes or indicates any activity.


      Whether I try to connect from home, from away, or through my iphone app, I get the same message "...trouble connecting to the network....".  I have tried using Sling Player and Slingbox.com with same results.


      The port settings on my router are correct and are the same as when the Slingbox was working before.


      Any ideas would be appreciated.

      Randy Staggs