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    Slingbox 350 Very Disappointed

    aad4321 Newbie

      Here is some background... I started with a Slingbox Solo, worked great! Used the Standalone Windows Application to watch. Then, on day started rebooting randomly, which aparently was a popular issue. Slingbox support did not help (like usual). I made a puchase to the Pro-HD, and it worked great!! Using the standalone app still it was a better picture. Then, a month ago it expierenced the same issue, opening it up showed the entire board was fried. Called Support, same useless help "30 dollars off the latest slingbox" which is basicly free shipping.


      Here is my problem with the 350. THE STANALONE WINDOWS APPLICTION DOES NOT WORK WITH IT. I am stuck using the super horrible chrome based viewing option which is MUCH WORSE quality than my Pro-HD. If I set TV to full screen on one monitor it HIDES MY MOUSE on other open Chrome Browers. THIS IS HORRIBLE!!! Is their a better browser to watch TV???


      Slingsupport - I DONT WANT TO PAY for the Windows 8 Application, Is it even better????? I already paid for the android application. Please give me a fix. This new 350 is 2 steps in the WRONG Direction.




      A very upset slingbox owner.

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          stanley.sling Apprentice

          Hey aad4321,


               It sounds like you're running into the incompatibility between the SlingPlayer for Windows (Legacy Desktop Version) and your Slingbox 350. Unfortunately, it is true that the Slingbox 350 will not work with this old program. It also appears you are having experiencing poor quality when using Newwatch.Slingbox.com in Google Chrome.


               The good news is that even though you are experiencing an issue with viewing via Newwatch.Slingbox.com, you still have two other "SlingPlayer for Web" options.I recommend trying out one of the other options mentioned on this page:




          Stay in touch!



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