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      I recently got rid of my DVR box and got a regular resolution box. My problem is the new box does not have a HDMI plug in it. How do I wire my slingbox 500 without the HDMI conector. I believe I do not need this for regular tV. But I cant seem to get my slingbox wired correctly. All I get is sound. I have connected my set top bov VIA of cable. IN and Out. The new box only has the cable connection and a red white and yellow jack on it. Can you tell me how to connect my Slingbox so I get sound and video.

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          Yellow to Yellow, Red to Red and White to White and select the Composite input.


          BTW, what does the Subject line mean ?   I just happened to open this post by accident.  I wouldn't normally have bothered.   I would have done if the subject was "How do I connect my 500".   Just advice for the future.