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    No Internet Connection, can't reset the Slingbox Solo




      my Slingbox Solo not connect to the Internet, I tried a new start, also the router, nothing help. So I want to reset the Solo, but I can press the reset button so long and so often I want, nothing happend. The powerlight is on all the time, but no other one. Sometimes the Network light is flashing. I bought the Slingbox 2 month ago, it works great until the last days


      Please help, what can I do ???

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          I have a similar problem and have not been able to connect.

          Slingbox worked fine until mid-January and then stopped.  No changes were made to router or security software.  Settings are correct.

          Whether trying to connect from a PC at home or away, or through iphone app, I get the message "trouble connecting to the network".

          I have tried unplug and pressing the reset button for 30 seconds - no luck.  Both lights on the front are on.  When trying to reset, the lights don't flash which makes me think it is a Slingbox hardware issue.  The lights on the ends don't come on either.

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            anthony.sling Apprentice

            Hey Manfer,


            The Slingbox SOLO is not able to get a good connection to your network. Is the Slingbox connected directly to the router, or are you using a set of powerline adapters? Since the network light is not turning on, there are a few things you could try.

            Provided below is an article that lists a few steps to take to resovle this issue



            If that does not help, you could also try purchasing a new power supply. If the power supply fails, it may not be able to hold settings properly.


            Here is a link to purchase a new power supply:



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