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    Full screen viewing with Slingbox


      I've been using my Slingbox Pro-HD for over a month and it has been great.     Two days ago the picture on the TV does not fill the screen (there's a one to two inch frame around the picture).     I've adjusted the "Zoom", Aspect, Quality, and my Comcast receiver and TV but nothing helps.


      I usually have the Slingbox set to "Default" in the Zoom function but I've tried all of the other settings to no avail.


      I cannot reset or restart the Slingbox at home because no one is there.


      Any ideas ?????




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          Anybody out there ?????


          Does no one have the answer for this ?????


          I'm mighty discouraged.




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              I had similar problems at first and then the Slingbox stopped competely. I believe this was due to a combination of a software fault, corrected through an update, and the frequency of power outages we have had lately due to the bad weather.


              All I can say is that by starting again and resetting everyingthing on site (you need to be on the local area networkk at home) it has solved the problem and we are now functioning normally. This includes the narrow screen.


              Maybe someone else has experienced the same probelm and can offer a better solution remotely. Have you tried the telephone helpline number?