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    Very low sound


      I can my slingbox pro hd and my problem is the sound is very low in the computer and iphone, almost I can not hear it. Do you know what cause the problem?


      I ajust the sound in the computer to max vol and still low.


      Thankk you

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          eferz Expert

          Most likely the set-top box is supplying a low volume output.to the Slingbox.


          You might consider someone at home to use the devices' original remote to raise the volume for you.


          Otherwise, you're gonna have to recheck your connections or audio settings for that device.

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            dbsguy Apprentice

            Are you using a cable box as the source?


            If so, it is most likely that, your cable box's audio is set to "variable" output. Go into the setup menu of the cable box, typically under the more or advanced options, and change the sound output to "fixed".  This should make a huge difference in the out put and also eliminate 2 amps working against   for a more dynamic sound experience as well.