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    Slinglinks not working


      I have the slinglinks and all of the lights are not working.  Only the power light light up.  I know that my router is working because I'm using my laptop to write this message.  I tried trouble shooting with no success.  Since there is power or so it seems because the powere lights lite up.  How can I get this problem fixed.  Haven't really used is a that much for them not to be working.  Please advise.  Thanks!

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          anthony.sling Apprentice

          Hey 1helen,


          It sounds like the SlingLinks are not getting a proper network connection, as well as not being able to communicate with each other. The SlingLinks use the powerlines in your house to transfer the network connection to and from each other. They will need to be plugged directly into the wall to communicate with each other.


          These articles below will be able to explain how they work, as well as a few troubleshootings step to resolve this current issue:



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          Sling Media Moderation Team

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              Hi Anthony, appreciate your quick reply.  However, I tried the troubleshooting and plugged the 2 units in the same outlet and I got no indication that they are communicating to each other.  Is there something else that can be done in this instance?  Can they be repaired?


              Also on another note, I am trying to view my blu-ray to my sling as well without success.  I am not successful in finding a remote that will operate the blu-ray.  I don't see it's model listed but have tried all available without success.  Please advise.  Thank you again for your assistance.

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                  katie.sling Apprentice

                  Hi 1helen,


                  Thanks for using our forms. Unfortunately we do not have a repair program for SlingLinks. If they aren't working, you can always purchase a set of Powerline Adapters.  These are pretty much the same thing as the SlingLinks, but they are manufactured by a different company. You can purchase them at Best Buy, or should be able to get them at any place that sells electronics.


                  As for the issue with the virtual remote, you can try the article listed below to see if the remote is functioning. You can also follow the link for a custom remote to be created for you.





                  The Sling Moderation Team