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    Why is my directory list not updating on watch.slingbox.com?


      I had a Classic. A year ago I updated to a Solo. The Solo is correctly set up to penetrate my router for internet viewing. I can use the old Slingplayer desktop client (for internet viewing) if I use the home's direct IP address.


      When I look at my account over the web, Slingbox.com shows the correct information (including nickname) for the Slingbox Solo. But when I go to WATCH.slingbox.com, only the old listings appear. (My Solo does not appear.)


      Also my listings for the IP address do not work-- even though the port forwarding definitely succeeds when I use the old desktop Slingplayer.


      Do I need to have Sling personnel manually "fix" my directory listings?

      Or is there something I can do to rectify the problem?