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    Slingbox HD Pro freezing


      I have the slingbox pro HD and was working well when i used it which is not much. Well I tried it on my new Iphone 5s and keeps getting buffering. Stop and go freezing. I tried on the laptop where I know it worked well and get the same thing freezing. Is there something going on or is there some setting im missing. Using comcast cable with the component setting for input. Using a linksys wireless router that worked well in the past. I was hoping it would work well on the new Iphone but dissapointed with freezing.


      Any help appreciated

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          anthony.sling Apprentice

          Hey dss56,


          When you are viewing on your iPhone, are you using a wireless  connection to a router or are you using the cellular service? Either  way, you may need to check into what network speeds you are receiving.  To check on your phone, you may need to download a free application from  the App Store to check these speeds.


          Below is an article that lists the minimum requirement for the network speeds.



          Have you changed anything in the environment of the Slingbox? If the router, or modem was replaced you may need to factory reset the device the set it up for the new network settings.


          Below is an article that describes how to reset the device, and a link that will take you through the setup process.


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