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    Change location


      I really hope somebody can help me, it ought to be simple. I have set up my slingbox 350 in Sweden. When I returned to the US I tried to log in, and when promted I answered that my location was US. No slingbox was found on the network. Should the question have been: "What is the location of your slingbox"? Anyway, I cannot stop the search for the slingbox to get to "settings" to possibly change location. Does anyone know how to do this? The slingbox worked fine in Sweden, although I cannot find a remote, but that's another problem. I guess the slingbox might have gone offline in Sweden of course, but I would like to know how to answer the location question and how to change location.


      Thank you

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          anthony.sling Apprentice

          Hey Fangans,


          You are able to change the location from the home site for Slingbox.com. Next to where it displays the account you are logged into, it will display a flag. Click on the flag, and it will give you a list of locations/languages to choose from.


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