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    Slingplayer for Ipad v3.2 won't connect to solo's


      I have 2 ipads and neither will connect to either of my (2) slingbox solo's since the most recent slingplayer for ipad update. Both will allow me to login, but neither will allow me to connect. The actual message I get on the ipads says: "SlingPlayer cannot connect to your Slingbox. Please make sure your iPad and Slingbox are connect to the Internet and try again."


      Slingplayer on my iphone works, slingplayer for windows on my PC works, and the online web version on slingbox.com works from my PC. I removed and reinstalled the app. Didnt' fix the problem. My environment has been in place and working fine for years. This issue just started. Eveything points to 3.2 being the issue.


      Is this a known issue and if so, any schedule for the fix? Thanks in advance for your help.