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    Amiko-8240 or amiko mini HD remote codes


      Hi Im ready to purchase a Slingbox 350 for my Amiko 8240 (which is the same but larger unit as the amiko mini HD). I want to make sure there are remote codes for it OR I can create remote codes. Does the slingbox learn remote codes if I point the remote at the unit and have the slinbox sense the IR codes just like a programmable universal remote or MUST I compile a bin file? I'd like to just point the remote at the Slingbox like you can do with other devices. Does anyone know of an Amiko 8240 or Amiko mini-HD remote control file. I have a Microsoft remote IR unit on my computer can I use that to sense IR from my Amiko remote and use the application to create a bin file? If all the answers are no is there someone that can help create a bin file for the Amiko 8240 or Amiko Mini HD? amiko alien USA is the manufacturer of these boxes. I know there are remote codes for the Amiko 8900 units but they do not work with the 8240 or Mini.


      Thank you for any help!!