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    Slingbox Pro HD in the UK to watch in the US


      Hi there,


      Of late we have been having issues with te laptop that we have connected to our TV.. it keeps switching off when it gets hot and even though we have 120 mB/sec in teh UK and 50/25 mB/sec here in the US, we do not always get a good picture and the bits/sec at the bottom of the screen goes from 2000 down to single digits and the picture freezes.....


      Anyway, wondering whether to ditch the laptop and have been looking at Roku, which had the drawback of having to use your phone to get to Slingplayer and then saw the WD Live TV... which would seem to fit the bill.


      What I want to do is connect the WD Live TV in the US to watch our UK based Slingbox... would that work and produce a comparable picture to that with the Laptop?


      Any help appreciated!




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          BobShanghai Newbie

          I would get a Slingcatcher from ebay.


          98% of the time is the best thing that Sling ever made. 1.9% is frustrating (mainly due to the method of entering log on details etc). 0.1% says cannot connect due to network error (but a reboot usually clears this message).


          But I understand these odds are much better than other devices!


          Will work fine with pro, pro-hd, HDS-600RS etc. But I think will not work with the new 350/500 devices.


          I got 3 slingcatchers. 98% of the time I am very happy with them



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              jamesmccourt Novice

              I would agree! The Catcher takes a little time to set up (mainly changing a setting on the router where the Slingbox is located) but other than that its GREAT!


              Let us know if you need help.



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                  bsheppard Newbie

                  The slingcatcher (for me any way) was simple to set up. Plug it in, log in and way you go. It will not work with the newer slingboxes (350 and 500), but works great for the ProHD and earleir models. It'a a discontinued product so no updates forthcoming. A great feature is its ability to provide a smooth picture when the internet speed jumps around which it can sometimes from the UK to US. Getting one can be costly - ebay and others charging some insane prices. So you may wan to to look at say Roku or WD Live which you are - they are a lot cheaper. They provide a clearer picture but can have more difficulty with wildly varying speeds with at high picture setting (HD) leading to some skipping - more than on the catcher. If I were to do this all again I might look at the Roku given the slingcatcher prices. I use Boxee Box as an alternative that I beleive has the same platform as the Roku (although not quite the latest as Boxee Box too has been discontinued!).