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    Slingbox Solo - Swisscom STB (former Bluewin) not working


      I have two Slingbox Solos. One just seems to be fried, and the other was sitting on my shelf as a spare.

      The defective box was setup to connect to a Swiss Swisscom Set-top box. The setup process was prety straight forward in 2008/09...


      Back then I downloaded a file called Swisscom.spr, which I have attached to this post. And I downloaded a bin file and/or selected some other country setting and box provider (I do not remember anymore).


      Anyhow. I tried all the bin files posted in the various threads about Swisscom and Bluewin, but they all come up with a black remote control instead of the silver remote control skin I have attached. And of course, none of these files cause the STB to respond. I assume there must be an even older set of bin files to work with this quite old STB box I still own.


      Does anyone maybe have older bin files?


      And, how can I get the slingbox setup to select a particular type of spr file for the display of the skin?


      I am quite happy to run the setup only through my old MAC based application instead of the browser based viewer, as the stand alone app uses a lot less CPU and screen real estate.


      Help, anyone, please?