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    Slingbox 350 Broadcast Language Issue


      I have a slingbox 350 connected to Time Warner cable service in Santa Monica, CA using a Motorola DCX3200.  I live in Costa Rica.  Yesterday I went to Fox Sports for the superbowl on HD - Channel 411.  Everything was in English until the game started.  The game announcers came through in Spanish.  Commercials came back in english.  So I went ot Non-HD - channel 11 and everything was in english.  Then I tried FX channel 456 which was playing a movie and it was in spanish.  FX non-HD was in english.  I suspect more chanels are like this.  This happened  two weeks ago with the football playoffs coming in spanish so I re-setup my connection in Santa Monica - but I guess that was not the solution.


      The slingbox is suppose to be global - but watching TV in a forieng launguage defeats the purpose.


      I would really appreciate any help and suggestions this forum can provide.  As a note - I am usineg a Western Digital live hub as my media box.


      Jim Eastwood