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    Change TCP/IP and PORT


      Hello I do not understand how to change IP address and tcp / ip port from my slingbox 350 and also how to change the name, I also sling before and this could be done.



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          EuroTVLink.com Newbie

          This is just a workaround but you can change DHCP Lease settings on your router and match Slingbox's MAC with new IP address. As for port. You will have to use UPnP PortMapper software, block port that Slingbox is on now and then after reboot Slingbox should choose another free IP from 52xx pool.

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            ferguspa Apprentice

            Regarding changing the IP address, see Change the IP of Slingbox 500--it applies to the 350 as well.


            Regarding changing the port, while you can make the port change by blocking ports the Slingbox wants to use, you cannot set the port to your choice of port.  If you need to be able to set the port to your port of choice you need an earlier Slingbox before the 350/500 models.