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    Slingplayer freezes but I can still control the slingbox. Pls. Help!


      Hi. I was hoping that someone  could help me out. I find the process of troubleshooting something like  slingbox / slingplayer to be extremely difficult because there are so  many pieces.


      I  have a slingplayer AV (solo) running. It has been working for a long  time, but about a month or two ago, it started having a problem. When  watching on the internet or through slingbox (even when on the same home  network), the picture would freeze. Using the remote would appear to do  nothing. However, when I actually turned on the TV to see if for some  reason the TV froze, I noticed that I could actually still control the  cable box with my slingplayer even though I couldn't see what was  happening through slingplayer. So, it appears that my problem is the  video feed through slingplayer freezes up. I've tried using several  different computers both on my network and remotely and I have the same  problem. So, it would appear that a configuration with my slingbox is  wrong (although it had been working fine for a long time), a  configuration with my router is missing/wrong (although it had been  working fine for a long time),  or the hardware is broken.


      I have tried  resetting the slingbox, but it doesn't help.



      Slingbox  AV

      S-Video input

      D-Link Router




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          Bryanod Novice

          Factory reset your router. When your video freezes but your still connected for sound and remote open a dos window and type netstat -n


          look for two connections on port 5001 that are established.  My bet is 1 is established the other is sync _sent. What is happening is that your upnp configured router is not updated with the new firmware id.  If both are still established then make sure you update java flash activex factory reset your router