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    Slingbox 350 vs Pro HD


      I am a user of Slingbox Pro HD and wondering if it would be worth to replace with Slingbox 350 other than the 1080 support. Especially, I'd like to know if there are any improvements in HD connectivity in a relatively slow internet connection.

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          dewdude Newbie

          It is my understanding the Pro-HD uses the older VC-1 format for streaming where as the 350 uses H.264.


          Generally speaking, the H.264 codec is more efficient at video than VC-1; it doesn't need as much data to produce a quality picture. In theory; the 350 will have better picture at lower bandwidth than the older VC-1 units at the requirement of needing more CPU power to decode.


          I've personally seen the 350 produce a decent HD stream with just a 3mbps connection; I don't have a Pro-HD to test, but I do know that even a SD signal with a ProHD will eat around 4mbps of bandwidth.