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    Problems connecting to my slingbox 500 outside my home network




      i just installed the slingbox 500 and works fine when i connect to my WiFi from home, but when i try to connect from work it does not work, it gives me this message:


      We detected very poor Internet connectivity or a loss of Internet connection. Please verify that your Internet connectivity is working fine before retrying.


      I read that this can be a problem on the router back home that i need to open the port that the slingbox use, I have a new apple airport extreme but i do not know how to configure it since is a newer version that the one that shows in the slingbox webpgae, can you guide me on how to do this on the router if the problem is there, thanks!

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          Hey there  fernandokepfer,


          I response to your question, yes that could absolutely be the issue that you have encountered. On the other hand, it could be also be the network at the remote location that you are connecting from. I would recommend attempting to connect from another remote location before you port forwarded your router. If you still cannot connect even from a second location, I have the web page that can walk you through port forwarding the router you have listed above. Go ahead and follow the directions in the link below and you will have your router port forwarded in no time.



          Let us know how it goes,


          The Sling Moderation Team