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    Do I have to purchase Sling player for my new iPad...?


      ...if I already have the app for my old iPhone (I purchased a sling box Solo many years ago before I had an ipad, but did have an iPhone). Sling Player still shows up in iTunes listing of all my old iPhone apps. I used the Sling box to watch tv on my laptops as well as my iPhone for just a short period of time before problems viewing just made it impossible for me to watch my TV remotely. I am now considering purchasing the new Sling Box 500 but since I already paid for the app for iPhone I don't think I should also be required to purchase the app again to use on my new Apple iPad. Am I just dreaming that this would be only fair since I alread paid for the app to use on my old Apple iPhone? Teach me tonight...:-).

      PS I also have a new Android (Samsung Note3. Am I again going to have to spend even more money for the app on this smartphone?