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    Slinglinks - Network light just keeps blinking


      I have 4 Slinglinks and all have performed well until a couple of weeks ago.   Now none of them will connect with the router - they just keep blinking on the network light.   I have followed all the basic and advanced recommendations on the FAQ's to no avail.   Each one of the units operates exactly the same when directly connected into the router.  Yes, I have changed cables and rebooted everything.   Is it possible that some sort of firewall is stopping them all of a sudden?    All other devices plugged directly into the router work fine.     When plugged in to the same outlet, both the power and the link lights stay steady (as they should) - so they are communicating with each other fine.   No changes have been made to router or related prior to the issue.   Thanks for any assistance. 

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          OK - So apparently blinking lights of themselves on a SLINGLINK is not neceearily a bad thing (despite what the FAQ's and documents seem to say - bad on a SLINGBOX).   Looks like one of the 4 units I had (the one that initially connected to the router) has gone bad.   It just won't connect anymore, although it displays the same characteristics of the other 3, and passes the same tests (except for working with the router!).   Once I took that unit out of the playing field, everything works correctly again.