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    KanexPro HDRGBRL problem


      I'm using a KanexPro HDRGBRL to transcode HDMI to component. When I hook the component output to my LG TV the converter works fine. When I hook the converter to the SlingBox, the resulting signal on line is what you would expect to see if the HDCP flag is not being processed, i.e., picture is either not present or appears as horizontal bars which appear like old TV sets with the horizontal hold mis-adjusted. If I hook the component output of the tuner to the SlingBox, everything works fine. I understand that the SlingBox cannot be used to circumvent HDCP but the Kanex is handshaking properly and outputting component video as evidenced by it successfully processing HDMI to Component to the TV. And component doesn't carry the HDCP flag so I can't imagine what could be wrong. I'm a professional video editor and bought the SlingBox so I could transmit the output of my editor (software) from a MacBook Pro to clients in another city. The MacBook HDMI output results in the same behavior as the tuner. I could get a Component to Composite transcoder but would that even work?

      Any thoughts?