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    SB500 w/ Roku3 + iPhone5 & iPad2 Retina Questions/Problems:


      Last week I bought a SB500 and a Roku3 for a new Sunroom we had built. One of the main reasons that I bought the Roku3 was bacause it had a Slingbox app on it.

      The Roku is working flawlessly and technically the SB500 is working. My problems seem to be with the Slingbox app.

      My Problems & Questions:


      iPhone5 connects to the SB500 and I can watch on the phone or I can mirror it to the TV in the Sunroom. BUT, it is ONLY SD quality. WHY??

      (The Roku when used by it's self gets full bar HD quality, so it's not my ISP or my home network!)


      iPad2 Retina connects to the SB500 and asks me if I want to watch on the iPad or TV, but it will not complete the connection to the TV. Only the iPad. WHY???


      Roku3 Slingbox app, why doesn't it just work like the iPhones or iPads app and let me watch the Slingbox directly? WHY do I have to "Mirror" to it?


      ANY Help is really appreciated!


      And one last serious gripe! WHY did I have to pay $15.00 TWICE for an app that should be FREE and they are both still incomplete?? i.e the iPhone SD issue and the iPad Mirror issue!


      Again, any help with fixes or work arounds are greatly appreciated!