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    App development for Xbox One


      An app for the Xbox One would be great or possibly making a plugin for the Internet Explorer app that is on the One so we can watch there.

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          I agree.  An app for Xbox One would really complete that total package for us.  Great point!

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            I agree. I long wished The XBOX 360 had a slingplayer app. That console was a media giant. I hated having to switch inputs and fire up the slingcatcher to watch out of town sports. I gave up hoping and waiting for an slingplayer XBOX One and just wanted Chromecast support which we now have. I planned on plugging my Chromecast into my XBOX One's HDMI in for TV viewing. I really bought into the 1 input mantra of the Xbox One. I hate changing my TV's input and adjusting the stereo receiver. It was a long wait but it is finally here and it works great! except my audio is all messed up when I run the chromecast through the XBOX's TV HDMI (and through my receiver) it turns all high pitch and choppy. It doesn't happen when I Chromecast Netflix or HBOgo or the slingplayer Facebook webpage app through my xbox in the exact same configuration it only happens when I use the IOS or Android slingplayer app. Very frustrating.