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    Slingplayer app Facebook on Chrome


      I am trying to Chromecast thru the facebook app on Chrome, I understand that it wont work with HTTPS settings but it appears that Facebook has now disabled my ability to uncheck the secure browsing feature.  So what can I do to watch my slingbox 500 on Chromecast?

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          Hey ACC5956902,


               Good question! Even though we don't technically support Chromecast at this time, I think trying the Embedded SlingPlayer would be worth a shot. Here is a link for the Embedded Player:



          Hope it works!



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            You can bypass having to log on to Facebook entirely. I bought an asus Chromebox M004U to primarily stream from the Slingplayer for Web plug-in for the Chrome Browser. Google pulled the plug-in app becuase it required a NPAPI extension they no longer support. I use the embeded Slingplayer version and it work pretty good so far.  However, you do not get the channel guide in this version. Access the guide through the remote. . Please note: it uses Adobe Flash and you may have to un-check hardware acceleration in Adobe setting in order to play better or best settings in slingplayer video options(for the first time). A quirk is when you check hardware acceleration and shut down your device and restart, the slingplayer works fine with hardware acceleration on. You actually need it to eliminate jaggies and lost frames. Save this link into your Chrome browser's favorites and you are good to go:   http://slingplayer.slingbox.com/embedded/slingplayer.php