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    SlingBox in Switzerland?


      I can find no information on the site about how to find out:


      a) If an SB works on Swisscom TV in Switzerland.

      b) How to find out if it's legal to connect one in Switzerland.


      Apologies if this is not the correct group for these questions.


      Also, the Suport page mentions Chat support but there does not apepar to be any link for that. Have I missed it?

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          sakiss Newbie

          Hi lobsterman,


          Slingbox works fine in Switzerland, as far as I know the latest cable box provided by Swisscom is Tatung STB3120-DVR-A - if you do have any other model please let us know and we can be more than happy to help you

          The technical support phone number from switzerland is 0225675296

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              Thank you.


              Acessing the Slingbox from the US side, can I display the Swiss TV channels on my TV, rather than on my computer? I hate watching TV on the computer....



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                  sakiss Newbie

                  Yes you can watch your Slingbox on TV but for that you will need an additional device

                  I refer you to this link : http://uk.slingbox.com/go/spcd  for additional info

                  but beforehand you will have to confirm if your router in Switzerland and the Slingbox is configured for Interent viewing > the technical support will assist you for that

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                      If I access the SB in Switzerland from the US, do I have to watch the same channel as the local user in Switzerland is watching?


                      If so, is there a way to choose channels independently of the local Swiss user?

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                          stanley.sling Apprentice

                          Hello lobsterman,


                               To answer your questions: If you use a Slingbox to change the channel on the set-top box that it is connected to, it WILL change the channel on the TV that is also associated with that set-top box. The only exception to this on a single set-top box would be if the set-top box had a "Dual-Tuner". Basically, a "Dual-Tuner" allows for two outputs from the same set-top box. This allows the user to have two TVs connected to their set-top box and change channels on one output separately from the other.


                               For information on "Dual-Tuners", check out the link below:




                               To inquire whether or not your Cable/Satellite Provider offers "Dual-Tuner" set-top boxes, you would want to get in contact with them.



                          Hope this helps!



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