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    iPhone App stuck in "Initializing" mode / Directory empty


      I've had two problems recently crop up with my iPhone 4s running iOS 6.1.3 and my Slingbox PRO HD. 


      The app used to work fine, haven't used it in a while, did some updates on the iPhone when prompted but didn't try to connect

      again until recently.


      First problem is that when starting the iPhone Slingplayer app it usually gets stuck in the "Initialzing" start up page and never goes

      any further.  Shutting the iphone off and restarting and manually quitting the app doesn't help.  I'm relucantant to delete the app from my iphone

      and try to reinstall as I'm afraid it will try to charge me to download the app again.


      However, there have been one or two times when it gets past the initalizing phase and when it does my Slingbox doesn't show up

      in the directory (on the iPhone) and therefore I can't connect.  I did sign in with my email and password on the iphone app and that is

      apparent in the app.  When I go online I see my slingbox in the directory and can connect from my MAC or PC.


      Any assistance would be appreciated.