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    configure remote viewing manually



      Please can you advise how to set up remote viewing manually. I'm referring to the Sling website advice that I've copied below.

      You see "Unable to connect to the Slingbox due to a network error" on your TV

      • If you're unable to connect to your Slingbox from SlingCatcher and you see that error, there's a quick solution. What may be confusing is that Internet Viewing from your Slingbox still works on a computer or on a mobile phone. Still, it’s quick to fix it.

      While this looks like it's a problem with your SlingCatcher, it's actually a simple problem with your Slingbox configuration. You just have to go to where the Slingbox is located (usually, this is your home network). Next, on a computer on that network, you have to configure remote viewingmanually. The easiest way is to use our online network assistant, and there's an article on how to use it. Just use the link on the right side of this page. Follow the steps on that page. That's all!


      I've gone into setup.slingbox.com but the router is not listed. It seems if you click 'other' then you can't change anything manually.

      I'm able to change the port setting on the right hand side. Is this relevant in this case?

      My home network router is a Thomson-Alcatel TG585v7 Router.


      If instead I go into my home network router settings what do I need to add or change?


      FYI I have the SB Solo working correctly on my iPhone and Netgear Neo but not my Catcher or the PC legacy player (on the same remote network) which is why I want to do this.




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          anthony.sling Apprentice

          Hey garders,


          I understand you are having issues port forwaring the Slingbox through your router. If you go to portforward.com, and search for your router it will give you steps by step instructions (as well as screenshots of what should appear in your router) to add these settings to your router.


          Best Regards,


          Sling Media Moderation Team

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            Just wanted to report that I finally have the Slingcatcher working by manually forwarding the home network router ports to the Slingbox Solo.


            Thank you again for your help.


            I am intrigued to know why I suddenly needed to do this? The Catcher stopped working around late December 2013. I'm assuming something changed that let iPhone/iPad/Negear Neo devices work on the remote network but prevented older devices like the Catcher from working without a manual change to router settings.


            I consider myself quite computer literate but this was no easy fix either to diagnose or to perform (especially as I had to have my brother operate the home network as I'm abroad) and I do wonder how many Catchers around the world have suddenly stopped working beacuase of this.


            I hope this thread helps anyone else with the same issues.



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                callanish Apprentice

                the short answer is the ipad/iphone/neo devices can connect to the slingbox using both SNATT and RELAY protocols plus TCP where as the slingcatcher soley relies on TCP. If your router hasn't been port forwarded correctly using UNPNP, it can't stream TCP and the slingbox will then use the fall back SNATT stream to operate which the slingcatcher can't work with.........so that's why you received the "can't connect network error". Once you port forwarded, the stream changed to TCP and your slingcatcher can now connect.

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                Thanks for the response Garders.


                Yes I attempted toI portforwarded the router (at my parents house) which is where my slingbox-prohd lives. Perhaps I didn't do it correctly since it was looking for a specific IP address to forward 192.168.2.X? and I just did it for

                I have no idea what is the correct IP for the slingbox.


                Now I will try it again via a remote connection, but if I reset the router (and the slingbox) after I portforward it wouldn't that clear the portforwarding?

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                    You'll need to have a PC on the home network to do this as you are changing the router settings. You can't do this remotely.


                    Go to




                    and click on My Slingbox Information to get all the info about your Slingbox.


                    Follow the instructions on portforward.com to go into the home router settings. Depending on your router this is usually something like to get into the settings.


                    Now port forward to 5001.


                    Once you do this any soft resets (but not factory resets) shouldn't affect the settings.