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    Any Ideas how to speed up stream?


      Hey Guys,


      I have been reading through this forum and they have some great pointers and ideas.


      I have a question and I hope you can all help!




      At home I have a Slingbox 350 whilst I am abroud I stream using Safari the watch function on slingbox.com

      I am getting a stream of around 2200Kbps on average and was looking to improve this so I can attain HD quality.


      Any ideas of how this can be done?

      I have port forwarding turned on at home however I cant seem to get anymore speed out of it...

      Is port forwarding the modem thats recieving the stream an option???


      At home I have around 10mbps up. and at the recieving end I have around 12Mbps down...


      ANY thoughts or Ideas would be greatly apprecated.