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    Just bought a 500...


      And as soon as I try and setup, I find that the update service is broken.  The website states everything is normal, but it isn't.  Just got off the phone with support and the engineers have been working since this morning trying to find out what is wrong.  My question for the other users: Is this the typical level of service from this product/vendor?  Does support not let the users really know when there is a problem?  If I had seen there was a problem on the website, I would have at least saved a phone call.  I'm hoping that this isn't the norm.

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          I bought my Slingbox last night and had the same problems. Checked it this morning and still had problems. When I called into support the lady had now clue what was wrong so she made a ticket. After two hours I called back and the lady said they are just now getting reports and trying to fix it. Now its 3:39pm and I called again, He said that they are working on the update issues and nothing could be done now so I will have to wait. He said that he hopes its will be fixed by Monday. 

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            Hey 255909720499265,


            We were having an issue, and it has been fixed. Are you still receiving this issue?


            Awaiting your response.

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