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    from Sat dish to Slingbox-HD ?


      hello everyone i bought a sling box HD and theres a tuner inside how can i do it ? can i scan all the frequency directly from the Satalite dish ? the manual didnt help much :S


      thank you all

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          eferz Expert

          The Slingbox Pro-HD has a digital tuner that is compatible with unencrypted Quadrature amplitude modulation (clear QAM), Advanced Television Systems Committee (ATSC), and Over the Air (OTA).  If your satellite dish provides any channels over one of these three then you may use the digital tuner.  However, most do not and require a satelitte receiver to tune, decode, and unencrypt the channels.  You should be able to connect a satellite recieiver to your Slingbox.

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              I'm in the same boat, for years I have had cable TV and loved my slingbox HD pro...  utilizing the built in tuner I could watch what ever I wanted without disturbing folks at the house and what they were watching. Since giving up cable tv and going with Direct TV Satelite, I'm pretty sure I can no longer utilize the built in tuner, but will have to have its own satelite box with the remote control feature enabled for changing channels??  please confirm this is the case or better yet, tell me where I am wrong and that somehow I can use the built in tuner....



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                  eferz Expert

                  Yes.  Although there are some DirecTV with multiple tuners.  I'm not familiar with DirecTV's entire line, but if they have any that has multiple tuners and support a segregated autonomous output then you can the confine the secondary output for your Slingbox experience.  My friend has Dish Network receivers in his home and it seems all of their current receivers has this capability.  You might want to check with DirecTV if they have a similar options available to you.