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    Slingbox pro HD freezing


      My Slingbox is set up for internet viewing, as confirmed by support, however when I am viewing on any device it  it feezes after 5 mins


      Any ideas anybody??


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          Sounds like the same thing is happening to me to.  I think it might have started when they updated their internet player.


          At first I thought my wireless network was acting flakey, so I just hooked up directly to the ethernet and I am still having the issue.  All other internet related activities are working fine.


          I do have to say it was doing the same thing on my Iphone Sling player app too.


          I don't know what else to do either.

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            Jason.G.Sling Newbie

            Hello jasmyn12,


            If you are still having these issue here are some articles that may help you with your issue of freezing every 5 min. Take a look at these articles make sure you are using support browser & Are meeting minuim requirements for slingbox Pro HD.


            If you are meeting the requirements make sure you are hardwired the slingbox to main route/modem. Ethernet cables over 10 feet can also cause issue with freezing video and sound. It is not recommended use a switch and wifi extender slingbox was not designed for these devices and Are not supported but may work at times.


            Best Regards,


            Sling Media Moderation Team