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    Cannot Reset Unit.


      Recently I got a new Cisco cable box and ever since then I can access Slingbox from my computer but cannot change channels using the remote control.  I have tried to reinstall the unit and up to and including resetting the unit.  When I reset the unit, the 2 red lights go out and the center light glows soft/bright from then on, even after the two red lights come back on and stay solidly lit.  Once I access Slingbox the pulsing center light changes and the picture comes onto my computer screen but again I cannot change the channel.


      What am I doing wrong?  I cannot reinstall the unit because at the point where it asks if I can change channels I cannot and therefore I am stuck.  I have tried changing the speed of the IR, moving the IR cables all over the front of the cable box to no avail.  The IR cables are directly over the IR light on the cable box.  Is it a network thing?  My Slingbox is attached to the Cisco unit which is attached to a Apple Airport.


      Thanks in advance for any help and assistance you can give me.  I'm not a technophile so this is making me crazy.


      Thank you.