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    terrible lag


      For 2 years plus our slingbox pro hd has been working perfectly fine... our connection bit rate was usually in the 2000s, never under 1200... but for the last few weeks we've only been able to connect in the low hundreds and are not able to watch anything without terrible lag and stutter or loosing the connection altogether...


      Getting 0 support from customer service since our box is out of warranty...


      Can anyone recommend anything? None of the connections have changed from the upload or download ends...

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          speedy22 Newbie

          As I found out from another sling user, it could be the bitter cold. yup, it could affect the ISP cable in the ground.


          I've noticed mine which is only 50miles away get slow for no reason lately.

          We tried powering off everything at both locations. tried different ports (from 5001 to others) same result. sluggish 1200-1500 when normall gets 2700-3100s.


          Asked around at work with my fellow sling owners and this guy said it took his neighborhood about 12months to figure it out. Cold made the connectors shrink therefore not a solid connection throughout the tcp journey he was using for sling and everything else.


          Good luck and cheers to warmer weather.

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            If it was weather related, wouldn't it stay in the lagging stage all the time? When we reset everything involved, it worked well for half a day and now again it's super lagging.... to the point where we can't watch it at all because the picture keeps freezing up.


            What I don't understand is that there is no way to do an update on the slingbox! And is it only supposed to last 2 years and then clonk out?