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    ISP Rate is 5MB but Bitrate is between 300-600KB.


      I've used my Slingbox PRO-HD for four years now in Cancun, Mexico, and the first three years were worry free, however this year it is trash.  In the first three years I used 3MB service but because Mexico upgraded their options I opted for 5MB.  When I run www.speedtest.com is comes in about 5.1MB download and about .70MB upload.  This year I am fluctuating between 300-800KB but the Bandwidth capacity reads "excellent".  In the past three years I had a Bitrate of almost 2MB.  Any suggestions what may be the problem, and recommended soltuions.  Thanks/Bob

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          Jason.G.Sling Newbie

          Hello cancunbob,


          Im sorry you are having this issue with your bandwidth. I did look over your account and see that the slingbox needs to be setup for internet viewing. This is what is most likey causing your issue with your bandwidth. This issue is usually the speeds on network but you have aready found them well above what you need. 2.0 mbps is all it takes in upload and download. If you use the site Portforward.com you can find a walkthrough for your router make and model. You also need to be with the slingbox on same network to access the router to setup the setting need. You will go to setup.slingbox.com on the computer at home location and click your slingbox from directory, and then select setup internet viewing from list. This will give you port and IP address need for steps in portforward.com.


          Thanks for posting