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    When are you going to patch the Android application for Slingplayer?




      It is sooo hit and miss at the moment.


      Yesterday I had times where it ran perfectly and started playing smoothly and instantly, than there were times where it just would not play, I turned on the machine and clicked the channel I wanted but nothing.

      I cannot even get it to work on the Roku which is rubbish. I got the app so I could watch on my Roku 3 but it just doesn't play.

      I go into the app, start it up, change the source over to Roku 3, than on my phone I just get "Switching over to Roku...." and the slingplayer loga pops up on the TV but my phone just sits there for ages and ages and it does nothing.

      At the moment, I can only watch it consistently on my computer which is a pain in the *** as I paid for the android application and I expected it to work properly.

      Please please please update the application so it works on my Roku 3..

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          Also, please update the actual Roku application.

          I as other people have said, I think it's stupid that it acts only as a portal.

          The android application should be for if you want to use your android as a remote or take your tv with you, I don't think it should be playing via your phone, what if you get a phone call in the middle of a show or base ball game? What if your phone goes flat?

          Than you lose the connection. I think you should be able to login to your account via the Roku 3 application and use the Roku remote if you wish or use your android/iphone as a remote.

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              Well, after factory resetting the Roku and uninstalling and reinstalling the application on HTC desire android phone, guess what,, it STILL DOESN'T ******* WORK.



              In fact, today it is EVEN WORSE than yesterday, at least yesterday I could get it to play on my phone. Now, I can't get it to play AT ALL..

              I've turned the box on and select a channel but it just sits doing **** all nothing.

              At ths point, I am getting EXTREMELY frusterated that I paid 15 bucks for something that should work out of the box and I think it is pathetic that it is more stable watching it from a computer.

              At this point in time, I am seriously thinking a refund is in order but don't know if google store offers refunds and I don't think you guys will.

              And don't tell me that I need a newer phone because that would be rubbish having to spend an extra 460 dollars before taxs on another phone just to get this junk working and even than I'm not too convinced it would work.

              I've done everything short of factory resetting my phone which I am not 100 percent convinced will help with anything..

              Very angry atm and I feel ripped off with this application, you need to employ people at your company who actually know wtf they are doing.