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    Remote and TV menu


      Using slingbox on my MAC I can click on the remote icon and it comes up nicely. I can use all the functions (power, select channel.. etc).. however, when I click on the menu on the remote I get nothing.  Looking at my TV set I see the menu has indeed come up (I have Directv).  This is true for the "list" command that shows recorded shows - they don't come up on my computer's screen but do show up on my TV.  So I know the remote is working but the display is not.... anyone know how I can fix this?



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          ferguspa Apprentice


          - DirecTV receiver model?

          - Kind of cable connecting receiver to TV?

          - Kind of cable connecting receiver to Slingbox?


          It seems like you're possibly:

          - HD DirecTV receiver of some sort outputting a HD resolution

          - HDMI or Component to TV

          - Composite (red/white/yellow RCA cables) to Slingbox


          You might be suffering from this when the DirecTV box is supposed to be generating an On-Screen Display (OSD) graphic (guide/list/etc), but I'd think you'd see some sort of warning as mentioned in that article.

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            alanrichey42 Master

            I don't know about the DirecTV boxes but I know there are devices around that do not output menu displays on the 'secondary' output.  They assume you will be using them to record shows so you would not want menus to display.   Might be a setting in the menus somewhere ?