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    Having trouble connecting to home network


      Having trouble connecting to the my network.  I have tried reseting, powering off different cables with no luck.  All the lights blink OK I just can't get it solid.  Linksys 300wrtn  wireless router.  The sling is hardwired  into the router.  This is first time set up for although it was used by a previous user who claims it worked.

      the sling is 300 100hd   UNP is active on the router.   PC to set is using windows 7   Thanks for any help

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          I'm going to answer my own question. Maybe this will help someone else.  I decided to pay support to resolve the issue only to find out that the slngbox I have has a known issue with sling and they are going to replace it.  Its a slinbox 300hd , the red one which apparently has issue with the linksys router.  My model is a WRT300n and I'm not sure if its only this one or if other routers have the same issue.   They refunded my  $30 and are sending a replacement..   Thats what you call customer service a rearety in today's service areas.


          Unfornately shipping appears ro be an isse with digital river, since its already been 5 days and no news on when it will be shipped.  I guess I spoke too soon for If I did not call for info I wouldstll be waiting .  Sling apprently does not follow up and relies on digital which certainly has not not impressed me.